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The 11th OVC EXPO 2014 will be held in Wuhan,China on November 6 to 8,2014

The 11th OVC EXPO 2014 will be held in Wuhan,China on November 6 to 8,2014, and this exhibition is scheduled to be held in Wuhan International Exhibition Center at first time.


OVC EXPO is one of the most important optoelectronic events in the world, and it will be held in Wuhan,China on november every year.


Jointly hosted by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Development and Reform of the Reform Commission, Ministry of Education and other nine ministries and commission of the state and Hubei Provincial People’s Government."Optics Valley of  China International Optoelectronic Exposition and Forum (here in after referred as 'OVC EXPO')" has held ten sessions successfully since 2002, is the third biggest, the Midwest biggest professional optoelectronic Exposition, has a higher international visibility and influence.


OVC EXPO gathers numerous domestic and overseas famous optoelectronic companies, presents the latest technology and products, and attracts purchasers and investors in optoelectronic area. It has the location advantage of basing in central China, radiating its influence across the whole country and facing the world. It builds broad industrial communication and cooperation platform for domestic and overseas enterprises. During the period of OVC EXPO,a variety of events of international standard such as forum communication and purchasing docking are held, attracting industrial elites, reputational overseas institutes and top experts and scholars such as Nobel Price winners. The 11th OVC EXPO will continue to assist you to maximize your enterprise value with optimal services and has wide acquaintance of friends. The OVC EXPO is held in Wuhan, the central core metropolis of China, relying on “ Optic Valley of China”, China’s largest optoelectronic industrial distribution center. “Optic Valley” is the largest manufacturing base of optic fiber & cable and optoelectronic devices, the largest laser industry base and the only geo-spatial information base in China. “Optic Valley” has the largest scale of optic fiber and cable production in the world, and takes up to 60% of domestic market share and 25% of overseas market share. The optic transmission equipments takes up to 15% of domestic market share and the market share of  laser products stays about 60% in domestic market. The products of “Optic Valley are now an integrate part of the global industrial division.


The 11th OVC EXPO is scheduled to be held in Wuhan International Expo in November 6 to 8, 2014. The theme of this OVC EXPO is “Light makes the world splendid”, highlighting the enhancement of enterprise innovation ability, assistance of breakthroughs in core technologies, reinforcement of international communication, strengthening of comprehensive competitiveness. The high standard forum with distinctive theme and fruitful trading activities will also be held during the OVC EXPO period, building platform of communication and cooperation for domestic and overseas merchants, achieving mutual benefits and development.

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