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Talents Concept:
Provide a potentially terrific job for the employees,and the most suitable position for the most suitable person.
Talents Definition:
Responsibility, Creativity, Hard-working, Professional Dedication, Teamwork


A letter for talents from the Human Resources Department

Fiberpon Technology always pays great attention to the training of employees' skills and the improving of employees' ability. Our company tenet is “Provide the employees with good growth and living environment,inspire personnel’ potential,make employees play their own talents all by themselves, and contribute to the society.” So,we will train the new employees before they start working, and arrange their leaders to guide and make the training program.We respect employees' personal opinions and personal value, encourage them to learn more skills and knowledge. Everyone can according to their own ideasand put forward suggestions.We encourage everybody to take part in department’s affairs actively. The company platform always belongs to all employees,we highly value their innovation ability and working attitude. We according their specialty and  intentions to arrange the positions, we would like to see employees can play full of their own potential.


Talents are the first productive force, company cann’t develop without capable people. No talents,no innovation.No innovation, we will be eliminated from the future competition. So,we fully respect employees' personal values, and put company’s future on the hands of every employee. Because we believe that personnel grows up and then company develops.We will try our best to provide training chances to every employee.


"Responsibility, Creativity, Hard-working, Professional Dedication, Teamwork", is our definition to talents. If you conform with our talent definition, welcome to join us. Please send your resume to the HR Email:hr@fiberpon.com, and we will contact with you as soon as possible.Thanks!


                         Ms. Zhang
Human Resources Department

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