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We provide high quality products,and promise the service terms as follows:
1、Provide the product factory testing report.
2、Provide product data sheet and test report.
3、Enjoy “one-year replacement, three-years free warranty” service(except personal reason, improper use or irresistible natural factors).
4、If there is quality problems during the product warranty period, please send the products back to us.We will give a reply and provide the product repairing report in 5 days when we receive the problem products.
5、We will satisfy the reasonable requirements of customers actively.
6、Visit customers regularly,realize customers’ requirements,accept the customers’ quality improvement suggestions humbly.


Customers’ success is our success! If there are any problems or questions,please contact us by the following way.We will continue to provide high quality service for you.
Service Hotline:+86-27-87001880
Service E-mail: sales@fiberpon.com 


Quality Management:
For improving the quality of products and services constantly,we absorb the international advanced scientific research, production technology and management experience actively,and according the “ISO 9001:2008” standard to build the quality management system.High quality is the foundation for the development of the company, and it is our goal.We strive to provide customers with the best cost-effective products and services.


Quality Policy:
High standard,Strict requirements,Zero error. Always put the quality at the first, control each procedure in the production carefully, ensure every product passes the strict tests before they go out and make sure they are qualified.


Quality Objectives:
Product performance and technical indicators reach the commercial level of international congeneric products, and the factory outgoing products qualified rate always keep 100%.


Quality System:
Fiberpon Technology according the “ISO 9001:2008” standard to build the quality management system, and strictly according the quality system to manage the quality. We go for the goal of high quality products, focus on customers’ requirements and feedback infomation.Customers’ satisfaction is our greatest target.


Product Quality Promise:
For customers using our products without worry, we promise:
1、Brand new optical devices(lasers and detectors) are used for all of our products. We never secretly mingle bad products in any orders,and never cheat customers.
2、During the warranty period,product has any quality problem,we assume all responsibility(except personal reasons, improper use or irresistible natural factors).
3、Our product positioning is “Using the best quality raw material,Providing the best cost-effective products for customers”.Once the samples are confirmed by customers’ tests, in the manufacturing process for orders, we would never reduce production costs for increasing company’s profits.And,we would never damage the benefits of customers,and always follow the principle of "one point price, one point goods".
4、We cordially invite general customers to supervise our product quality.


A letter for global customers from the Factory Quality Management Department

Fiberpon Technology is a high-tech enterprise in optical communication. We R&D,manufacturing,selling the products and provide after-sales service all by ourselves. We always stick the first-class product quality ,first-class product services to win customers’ trust and support.We know that if the product quality cann’t conform with customers’ requirement, we will lost our customers’ support,and then, we will be eliminated in the strong business competition in the future. So, in the manufacturing process of every product, we control every production link and procedure strictly,and ensure the  products are absolutely qualified before they go out of the factory.We absolutely prevent unqualified products from going out to the market.


Quality management department is the controller of the product quality, we are the first responsible person for the product quality. We must fulfill our responsibilities,and always insist the attitude of “responsible for the products, responsible for the company,responsible for the customers”,to do the quality management work well. As a manager of the factory quality management department, I know my responsibility.I will strictly require department employees do their work well,and regularly provide quality training chances for them to improve their skills and cultivate their quality consciousness. I emphasize the quality task to them before working every day, encourage they to take part in talking about the factory quality affairs.We hold a quality meeting at the end of the working day every week, summarize the quality problems,and discuss the solutions.


We will realize our quality goal by our efforts. Each customer can use our products without worry, and we absolutely believe that our products can provide convenience for them, reduce their costs, improve their product service, and increase their benefits. Thanks for the strong sense of responsibility and efforts of our colleagues, thanks for the support and encouragement from our customers.We will continue to provide customers with best quality and best cost-effective products.Thanks!

     Mr. Hou
Factory Quality Management Department


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